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Lauren's new crib! [31 March 2008 | 10:06pm]
i know this is a tad old but i gotta say, this is a really nice house! living it with your friends and stuff...must be awsome! i would like a house like that when im older...heh, but im not the rich girl from laguna beach that just turns out to be a lucky darn girl who gets paid tons from 'the hills'...lucky bitch!

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i hate it for my attention on overly gorgeous men! [25 March 2008 | 12:17am]
trust me, its not zac efrom or orlando bloom, those are for the tweenies!
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FINALLY ITS SPRING BREAK! [20 March 2008 | 03:29pm]
my spring break is 2 weeks, which is awsome! the stupid thing is i have to finish 5 art assignments for another week because of stupid art class...i hate the teacher, she has no life. she is always on the computer playing solitare...eww! anyways, a friend of mine crashed at my place for a couple of days and she is a pain to sleep with! also i crashed at her place, equal equal!

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